Social Media

You may only have a few seconds to grab the attention of a viewer as they scroll through the noise of their various social media accounts. First impressions really do matter, so every post—whether a graphic, quote, photo, or video—is worth evaluating beforehand. And remember, as part of the global Pentecostal Church of God family, your posts reflect the culture and brand of our Movement, so we must work at becoming excellent in all that we do.
Social Media Guidelines
When preparing social media posts, it is important to strategize and approach the process with intentionality. As a resource to you and your teams, consider the following guidelines:
What to Post
Sometimes identifying content for a post can be the most challenging part of the process. But the beauty of social media is that a post’s success actually depends more upon how people respond than how it looks to the eye.

Of course, you can create your own visual content through video, photography, graphic designs, Scripture, quotes, etc. But in our case, we have found that the most effective tool is often as simple as asking a question. For example, “What worship song has most impacted your spiritual journey?” This one, in particular, seems to spark special memories, producing treasured stories in the process.

And finally, you are always welcome to share and repost anything we publish from our @wearepcg accounts. This is a great way to cross-pollinate content and reach an even broader audience.
Account Management
The Pentecostal Church of God possesses its own unique social media accounts and handle (@wearepcg). Since we are a global church with a global mission, we attempt to share stories and images of the things that are taking place around the world. These posts highlight people in other nations, missionaries and leaders at home and abroad, and the churches and ministries that are impacting eternity. These accounts are managed by the communications team at the International Mission Center in Bedford, Texas. In addition, each PCG missions and ministry department also possesses its own social media account, managed by their own creative teams. 

PCG churches and districts, both in the United States and around the world, manage their own social media accounts, and the content produced reflects the events occurring in their specific local contexts. For those who bear “Pentecostal Church of God” in their name and are seeking guidance on creating new accounts, an example of a recommended social media handle would be as follows: @pcgjoplin (for a local church) or @pcgflorida (for a district). In addition, when considering a profile picture, try using the PCG flame logo mark (without any additional text).

When it comes to the social media platforms themselves, each has its pros and cons. However, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube seem to be the most popular with the broadest reach, so churches are encouraged to emphasize these three. If opportunity and time allows, churches could also consider offering more focused efforts to platforms like LinkedIn to reach professionals or Snapchat and TikTok to reach younger audiences.
These tools may be helpful as you develop new social media content: