Stewardship Services

Providing the financial resources and tools you need to reach your ministry goals.

A PCG 2.0 — Entering a Decade of Harvest,
both spiritually and financially
Now available to all PCG ministers and churches, the Stewardship Services department offers assistance in developing healthy financial structures. From investment opportunities into a secure 403b9 account to budget friendly health insurance planning and to life insurance and key-man policies for church leaders, we're committed to helping you develop strategies that benefit your security and future.

You don't have to serve in the ministry your whole life just to make a living. We're here to help.
A Minister's Retirement
Every credentialed minister performing the sacerdotal duties of ministry should be utilizing a 403b9 for their retirement planning. Investments in a 403b9 account can be actively invested in the financial markets or can be indexed for security and retirement income strategies.
Benefits of the 403b9
Higher Limits
A 403b9 allows for higher limits to be saved for retirement than other retirement strategies.
Zero Tax Witholdings
A 403b9 is unique in that no Federal, State, or Social Security Taxes are withheld.
Housing Allowance
A 403b9 is the only retirement plan that allows for withdrawals to be classified as a housing allowance.
A Minister's Health
Everyone needs a guide to help them make a wise decision when thinking about health insurance. PCG Stewardship Services can be that guide.
We can offer health care assistance that...
Works with individuals or groups of any size
Provides options based upon your location, health, and future anticipated medical needs.
Locates a budget-friendly insurance plan for you and / or your team.
Provides additional benefits, such as dental, vision, disability, and group term life.
A Minister's Planning
A minister's life is valuable not only to his / her family but also to the ministry itself. In fact, the current tax code even provides certain benefits as a result of the special privilege of serving in the ministry. PCG Stewardship Services will help ministers understand the opportunities available to them and even prepare the ministry in case of an untimely death.
Importance of Life Insurance...
  • Protects your family and church
  • Planning for a tax-free retirement
  • Key-man policies protect the ministry you've spent your life building
  • A tool in fulfilling Proverbs 13:22
Your Opportunities Include...
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance Strategies
  • Church / Ministry Protection
  • Legacy Building
  • Tax Deductions
A Church's Protection
The insurance needs of a church and its property are unique. PCG Stewardship Services can guide you through the process of getting the best coverage at the best price.
Property Insurance
Vehicle Insurance
Liability Insurance
A Church's Future
What type of ministry would you start if finances were not an issue? And what if God has already provided every resource necessary for you to fulfill those dreams by blessing certain individuals who currently sit in your church pews? 

The reality is that existing church members have a desire to be generous, both now and also when they graduate to heaven. PCG Stewardship Services can help educate your members and instruct them in how to plan appropriately.
Stewardship /
Money Management
Options for
Legacy Giving
Ted Miller,
Director of PCG Stewardship Services

Ted was a pastor and church consultant for more than 25 years. The passion of Ted as a pastor has now transitioned into helping other pastors and churches navigate the world of insurance and stewardship.

Ted can be contacted via email ( or by phone (817-554-5900 ext 328).

Have Questions? Contact Ted

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