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Committed to connecting, resourcing, and witnessing as one church in 6000 locations.

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Since 1938, Messenger Publishing House has produced the best in books, Sunday School and small group curriculum, worship materials, and more. In fact, by 1969, MPH consisted of a fully-functioning and fully-staffed printing plant, producing well over a million pages annually.

Now well into the 21st-Century, our resources and production processes look vastly different, but our mission remains the same. As a global church with a global mission, we are committed to connecting, resourcing, and witnessing as one church in 6000 locations.

The Pentecostal Church of God has been a byproduct of resource development and its missional use of information technology. Even after almost 100 years, the Pentecostal Messenger serves as an effective means of encouraging the local church and sharing stories.

In 2009 and again in 2020, the Evangelical Press Association (EPA) recognized the magazine with Awards of Excellence and Awards of Merit for "Most Improved Publication." In 2020, the publication was also recognized for its use of photography and treatment of specific themes, such as PCG History and Mission.


If you are an author and connected to the PCG in some way, we may consider opportunities to partner with you. Ask about the following services:

• Helping to facilitate a self-publishing effort
• Book layout and cover design
• Editorial processing
• Product listings and royalty programs

*Please note that service availability may be subject to certain limitations based on factors such as market demand and labor capacity.

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To view product listings and purchase any available resources, please consider visiting our online store ( Or if you would prefer to speak directly to one of our team members to place an order over the phone, you are certainly welcome to call toll-free today at: 1-800-444-4674

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