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Messenger Publishing

Since 1938, Messenger Publishing House has produced the best in books, Sunday School curriculum, worship materials, and more. In fact, by 1969, MPH consisted of a fully-functioning and fully-staffed printing plant with machinery worth upwards of $65,000. At that time, the Pentecostal Messenger enjoyed a circulation of about 9,000, but when combining all resources, MPH annually produced “well over a million pieces of literature, designed and purposed to advance the Pentecostal Gospel across the USA and around the world.”


The Pentecostal Church of God has been a byproduct of resource development and its missional use of information technology. Even after 80+ years, the Pentecostal Messenger continues as an effective means of communication. In 2009, the Evangelical Press Association presented the magazine with the “Award of Excellence: Most Improved Publication.”

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