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Buy, gift, or renew a subscription to the Pentecostal Messenger. An essential PCG resource delivered straight to your mailbox three times a year.
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Growing the Church

A Spirit-filled magazine designed for a global church with a global mission.

Product Description
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Designed for Christian leaders and church congregations of any age and stage, the Pentecostal Messenger offers relevant and uplifting content that inspires readers to walk worthy of their calling. We believe that God has One Mission on his mind (to reach the lost) and One Movement on this planet (the church of Jesus Christ), so our role in God's plan is ultimately to Pursue His Presence, Contend for Mission, and Grow the Church.


Purchase of this item today includes...

Your selection of either a digital or print subscription to three issues of the magazine, which are set for individual delivery to your mailbox (or email if digitally subscribed) in the spring, summer, and fall. Every issue contains 40+ beautifully designed pages that have been carefully curated specifically for our readership across the United States. Standard magazines typically include the following:

  • Featured articles discussing a broad array of topics concerning christian life and leadership
  • Stories of God's continued faithfulness and redemptive work in the world
  • Updates from PCG missions and ministry departments
  • A pastoral column from the PCG General Secretary
  • A vision-casting column from the PCG General Bishop

We have always viewed the PM as an investment into our ministers, so PCG credential-holders have been granted free access to a digital version of each issue as it is released. Want to learn more about credentials with the PCG? Visit


Bulk Subscriptions and Auto-Renewals

Some leaders may request copies of the magazine for distribution to members of their churches or ministries. With a bulk order of 5 or more magazines, subscribers will be added to our standing order list, which will be billed each trimester at a discounted rate of 10% off regular subscription price. Larger quantities and specific requests can usually be accommodated, but changes must be processed over the phone. See below for contact details.


Note: For changes to your subscription, please call toll-free at 1-800-444-4674 or email


For almost 100 years, the Pentecostal Messenger has served as the official publication of the Pentecostal Church of God. In fact, the Movement itself was founded in large part as a result of a spirit-filled and evangelistic magazine designed to "take the Gospel to those outside of Pentecost."

In the decades since, millions of pages have been printed with the expressed desire to "proclaim Bible truth in Pentecostal power." Though design, readership, and methods have all changed over time, the same all-consuming fire still rages.

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