Forerunner Experience

A 12 week discipleship process intended to simplify and speed up your journey into ministry

Flexible online training
for young leaders.

Specifically crafted for young adults (ages 17-30), learners engage in an online learning community that provides all the training needed to take your first steps into ministry.

Over the span of just 12 weeks, you'll sprint through the biblical narrative all the way from Genesis to Revelation, receive dynamic and practical coaching from experienced church leaders, and explore your calling in a safe environment made up of a small group of like-minded young leaders. In fact, when you complete the Forerunner Experience, you'll even qualify for ministry credentials with the Pentecostal Church of God.
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Highlights Include:
• Online Accessibility
• Flexible Schedule
• Personal Mentorship
• Spiritual Growth
• Lasting Community
• Networking Opportunities
• Exclusive Resources
• Ministry Training
• Credentialing Option
• Affordable Tuition


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The Forerunner Experience provides a unique opportunity to connect with other like-minded young adults from across the country. Throughout the 12-week experience, you'll be paired with a coach and a cohort of 5-12 other individuals within your specific district. But once you're part of the Forerunner family, you're always part of the Forerunner family, and you'll immediately have access to the broader network of support and resources provided by the Pentecostal Church of God and International Mission Center.
Your Calling

Without the Hassle
By the end of the Experience, you will have met the criteria needed to apply for your Minister's Certification (or Exhorter's License). This is a unique opportunity to explore your calling and locate your target in ministry while being supported by the Pentecostal Church of God (a global network of 6000+ churches). If you choose to take advantage of this path, we've streamlined the process just for you! Forget the long application and interviews. Instead, enjoy a simplified system of training for ministry.

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