Flexible studies according
to your own unique schedule.

In 2021, the Licensed and Ordained study materials will be available online for anyone who hopes to earn credentials with the Pentecostal Church of God. Learners ages 17 and up are free to begin at any point in the year and make their way through each course at their own pace.

The Licensed and Ordained catalogs each consist of at least seven courses ($25 / course + books), which incorporate various articles and video instruction from expert scholars in five key fields: Spiritual Formation, Biblical Studies, Practical Leadership, Doctrine & Theology, and Pentecostal Heritage. Now, with the development of substantive online coursework, the traditional Minister's Study Series receives a necessary update, making it more accessible and effective "for the equipping of the saints to do the work of ministry."

Credential Studies:


Exhorter studies help learners engage in a process of discovering their callings, engaging their spiritual gifts, and understanding the narrative of Scripture.

Having launched in 2019, the Forerunner Experience (restricted to ages 17-30) is a tremendous onramp for those interested in these topics or in seeking entry-level credentials. At this time, no other online option exists at this level, though coursework is currently under construction to complement that of the Licensed and Ordained levels.

As is the case with all three credential levels, the traditional book study series is still available for purchase through Messenger Publishing House.

Topics of Study Include...

• Discovering Your Gifts & Calling
• Hearing God's Voice
• Seizing the Promise
• Old & New Testament Survey
• What the Bible Says About the Holy Spirit


The Licensed Study Series is intended for those who have identified their spiritual gifts and have recognized a call to vocational ministry.

Available Courses Include...

• Spiritual Leadership
• Celebration of Discipline
• Our Story
• Preaching 101
• Apologetics
• The Gospels
• The Truth about the Family (Coming Soon)


Designed for experienced church leaders, the Ordained Study Series dives deeper into issues concerning ministerial leadership and ethics.

Available Courses Include...

• 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
• Ministerial Ethics
• Pentateuch
• Teams that Thrive
• The Emotionally Healthy Leader
• Church Story (Coming Soon)
• Christian Worldview (Coming Soon)

Finished your coursework?

In order to receive credentials with the Pentecostal Church of God, you will have to endure an approval process, which includes an application, background check, and interview.