Extension Fund

Offering low-cost loan services to PCG churches in order that they might accomplish their God-given vision.

Loan services available
to PCG Churches

The Pentecostal Church of God Extension Fund was founded in 1999. Its purpose is to create a partnership with PCG churches to help accomplish their God-given goals and visions by offering low-cost loan services.

The Extension Fund has had the privilege and opportunity to partner with a number of churches in helping them see their vision for ministry come to life. Our church loans feature:

• Low fees
• Low interest rates
• Vision for Kingdom growth
• Option to partner with the world
Want the best return on your investment? Our investments include a bump up feature, which allows the investor to increase the interest rate one time during the term of the investment.

The PCG Extension Fund offers one-year, three-year and five-year certificates.
1 Year Series A
Rate: 1.5
APY: 1.508
1 Year IRA
Rate: 1.5
APY: 1.508
3 Year Series A
Rate: 2.9
APY: 2.931
3 Year IRA
Rate: 2.9
APY: 2.931
5 Year Series A
Rate: 3.9
APY: 3.957
5 Year IRA
Rate: 3.9
APY: 3.957
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The PCG Extension Fund was incorporated on March 16, 1999, under the Missouri General Not for Profit Corporate Fund Law. Those who invest in the Extension Fund have made it possible to fund loans to PCG churches, ministries, and institutions. These loans are being used for...

• Expansion of present facilities
• Renovation of facilities for worship
• Education and discipleship of patrons
• Refinancing of existing loans
Frequently Asked Questions:
Dan Coleman,
General Secretary, PCG

Having served as pastor and district bishop in Michigan and now serving in executive leadership for the Pentecostal Church of God in Bedford, Texas, Rev.Coleman has been uniquely positioned to offer ministry resources to the many pastors and churches that make up this Movement.

Rev. Coleman can be contacted via email (extfund@pcg.org) or by phone (877.754.3892).

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