Messenger College

Developing world-changing Pentecostal leaders for the 21st-Century.

Messenger College

Messenger College offers fully-accredited Associates and Bachelor’s Degrees to those who desire higher education and ministerial training. In fact, by relocating their campus to the International Mission Center in Bedford, Texas, Messenger College joins the collective PCG effort to multiply ministry around the world, opening up a new door to the future, one full of hope and opportunity.


At MC, you will be challenged in your studies, learning more about God, His creation, and His mission in the process. And you will be led in spiritual growth, receiving the opportunity to gain skills and experiences necessary for leadership in our changing world.

One of the things that makes MC special is its student life. The community and campus, including the College's faculty, share a passion to make a positive difference in the world. The size of the campus and its closely-knit partnership with the Pentecostal Church of God allows for greater access to faculty and to world-class leaders within the Pentecostal Church of God. MC students regularly express gratitude for the opportunities they have to develop life-changing relationships with some of the best that our Movement has to offer.


"Messenger College was birthed upon the foundation of forty years of higher education from seven different colleges. This union became a reality in 1987 when the great spiritual and educational heritage of these schools came together to birth new generations of great leaders which made an impact around the world. Today, Messenger College is: Committed, Connected, Community.  Come join us, grow with us, experience God with us."

- Dr. James E Rayburn, President

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