Our Mission.

We believe that God has one mission on His mind—to reach the lost—and one movement on this planet—the Church of Jesus Christ.

What is our mission?

To impact eternity by the power of the Spirit.

The story of Jesus Christ changes lives and even has the power to alter someone’s eternal destination. If the Great Commission calls every person, every church, and every nation to make disciples, then it is our responsibility to boldly share that story and model Christ’s likeness to everyone we meet.

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Why do we exist?

To proclaim Bible truth in real-time Pentecostal power.

Jesus came to save the whole world, but people all over are still in desperate need of an encounter with His presence. That’s why church is more relevant than ever. As the Pentecostal Church of God, our method involves…

P | Pursuing His Presence || Exalting the Lord
C | Contending for Mission || Evangelizing the World
GGrowing the Movement || Edifying the Church

How do we accomplish it?

We live as One Mission—One Movement.

As a global church with a global mission, we are declaring His name until the whole world hears. Our vision depends upon multiplying our global footprint by training ministers, growing existing churches, and planting new churches, all to transform cities and nations with the love of Jesus.

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Take Action

Impact Eternity

It is said that 95% of believers never share their faith. We hope to change that, and you are our secret weapon. Just imagine what would happen if every believer became a witness. Not only would the world become a better place, but the Kingdom of God would become a better place.

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Inspire Your Calling

In Ephesians 4:1, we are challenged to "walk worthy of our calling" (Eph. 4:1), but we recognize that the process could look different for each one of us. With that in mind, we have a few different options available to you...

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Invest in 1M1M

All proceeds move the mission of Christ forward through global outreach, church planting, and ministry training. Individuals, churches, and businesses may consider giving...

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