Story: Micah and Shawnda Kelley

God redeemed Micah and Shawnda's marriage, healing their brokenness and relational wounds. He put their family back together and now is using them to serve others in the community.

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June 1, 2023



Story: Micah and Shawnda Kelley

Micah and Shawnda had married young and were eventually blessed with three beautiful girls. Both Micah and Shawnda grew up with parents or grandparents who had taught them to serve God, but instead of choosing God’s path, they chose their own. Over time, each individually reached their own place of confusion, deception, and brokenness. They admit that even in this time there was still love in their hearts for one another, and they desired the best for their children, but by every stretch of their imagination, the hurts and wounds seemed too great to overcome. They divorced.

On Father’s Day of 2013, friends of Micah and Shawnda invited each of them and their three girls to visit Gospel Lighthouse in Powderly, Texas. When the altar call was given, Micah and Shawnda both responded, and tears puddled on the floor as they turned their hearts to Christ! In the car after service, even before they pulled out of the parking lot, Micah apologized to Shawnda and the girls for not being a godly leader for their family and made a commitment to do his very best to be that godly leader. Four months later they were reunited in marriage! Today, Micah, Shawnda, their three girls, their son-in-law, and their two grandbabies serve God together as part of the Gospel Lighthouse family.

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