Reaching the One

Expecting a larger gathering at a community outreach event, a Messenger College student shares his experience about how God still moved through him despite his being discouraged by the low attendance.

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September 14, 2019


Contending for Mission

For Impact Eternity Month, Messenger College did an outreach with Heritage Church in Irving, Texas. The outreach was centered around building community within surrounding neighborhoods. We worked and worked, putting our hearts and souls into the event, going door to door on multiple occasions in order to build awareness. However, on when this Family Fun Day finally arrived, only a few people actually showed up. The church members, the MC volunteers, and I were slightly discouraged. But despite what we felt in the natural, we knew that the Holy Spirit was with us, so we pressed on.

After a devotion was given, perhaps to some people's surprise, a young girl boldly raised her hand to receive salvation! Praise God! I had the opportunity to speak with her afterward, sharing about the miracle of God's presence that now lives on the inside of her. She had no words to describe the immense feeling of joy she now had with Christ.

Despite our initial discouragement, the team and I were thankful to celebrate the "one." Even though a large group did not show up, one person was changed forever. And that makes it all worth it!

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