Holy-Day Season Reflections

During Christmas and the New Year, we can sometimes identify with the stress of it all more than connecting with the meaning behind it all... Here may we pause to reflect on the reason for the season.

Laiza Angel

December 22, 2023


Spiritual Formation

Reasons for Celebrating Christmas:

1) Spreading God’s message of Love through Jesus

Jesus was born to atone for our sins, serving as the bridge to prevent our separation from God. His birth and life and death—because he is fully divine and fully human—offered salvation to all from the consequences of sin.

2) Creating traditions and building lasting memories

Christmas traditions, with varying significance and symbolic meanings, are rooted in the idea of exchanging gifts as a reflection of God sending His precious gift—His only Son. Traditions, including gift-giving, find inspiration in biblical narratives such as the visitation of the Wise Men who brought gifts to Jesus.

3) Cultivating unity and strengthening family ties, while encouraging contemplation and gratitude

Christmas becomes a time for families to unite, share meals, and cherish one another's company. Special holiday meals, traditional dishes, and reflections on the past year contribute to a sense of togetherness and the making of resolutions for the upcoming year.

Did you Know…

The Nativity Story:

Biblical accounts in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke depict the angelic announcements to Mary and Joseph, the journey to Bethlehem, the birth in a manger, and the visits from shepherds and wise men, all integral to the Christmas story.

Evolution of Christmas Traditions:

Over the centuries, Christmas traditions evolved into a global celebration that includes gift exchanges, shared meals, and the creation of cherished memories. Christmas embodies the universal desires for peace and joy, embracing diverse cultural traditions that enrich the holiday season.

True Meaning for Christians:

For Christians, the essence of Christmas lies in celebrating the Savior, Jesus Christ. Belief in Christ brings the understanding that we are God's children, destined for heaven. Christmas is an opportunity to marvel at the wonder of the season with a renewed perspective.


1) How can we exhibit acts of kindness during this Holy-day season?

Displaying acts of kindness fosters a positive ripple effect in communities, promoting connection and well-being. Practices like empathy, celebrating others' successes, and cultivating a positive environment contribute to a more compassionate world.

2) What highs and lows have you experienced on your journey over the past year?

Pause to consider personal achievements and experiences from the past year. Taking time for reflection aids in understanding personal growth and areas for improvement.

3) How can we truly embrace the wonder of Christmas this year?

Enjoy every moment of the Christmas season with loved ones, embracing the wonder and joy it brings

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