I AM: The Good Shepherd

In this SPEAK JESUS study, delve into 12 names that Jesus used to reveal his character and nature. Each month we will release a portion of a chapter from the new devotional SPEAK JESUS. This month is I AM: The Good Shepherd written by Marilyn Bay.

Empowered Women

April 3, 2024


Bible Study

"I am the good shepherd; I know my own sheep, and they know me." JOHN10:14, NLT


All humans are known by God but believers have the incredible opportunity to know Him personally. What an amazing promise! Jesus left Heaven to be born as a human, so that He could show us the way to The Father and teach us how to live. He did all of this for us to KNOW HIM PERSONALLY!

Shepherds, in biblical times, often lived with their sheep. They slept alongside them and even ate their meals in the sheepfold or pasture. Shepherds were considered ceremonially unclean because they lived next to their sheep. I believe by calling Himself our Shepherd, Jesus wants us to realize how intimately He knows and understands us. As our Good Shepherd, He is ALWAYS with us. He will go to great lengths and "get dirty" (not be dirty) to live with us in our world.

Shepherds spend so much time with their sheep that the sheep learn to know the voice of their own shepherd. Some time ago my sister was at my house. When it was time to do evening chores, I asked her to call in my sheep. She called, just like I instructed her, but they completely ignored her. She had to send out my herding dog before they made their way to the pen. As they got halfway in, I called them. Their heads shot up, and they high tailed it to the gate. There is probably no one whose voice sounds more like mine than my sister's, yet the sheep could tell the difference. They ignored her voice but recognized mine and obeyed. Likewise, the more time you and I spend with the Good Shepherd, the easier it is for us to hear and know His voice and ignore counterfeit voices.

Psalm139:14, NKJV: "I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well" tells me that Jesus knows everything about me. He has known me since before the world was created. He created me, with great care, as a unique individual. Knowing Him is a choice and a process. If I choose to follow Him and walk with Him, I will know Him better every day!

FORFURTHER STUDY READ: JOHN 10:1-21. The Shepherd Knows

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