I AM: The Bridegroom

In this SPEAK JESUS study, delve into 12 names that Jesus used to reveal his character and nature. Each month we will release a portion of a chapter from the new devotional SPEAK JESUS. This month is I AM: The Bridegroom written by Tina Pack.

Empowered Women

June 10, 2024


Bible Study

"He is the Bridegroom, and the bride belongs to him. I am the friend of the Bridegroom who stands nearby and listens with great joy to the Bridegroom's voice. Because of his words, my joy is complete and overflows!" JOHN 3:29, TPT

Jesus the Bridegroom

A bridegroom is a man just married or just about to be married. The word Bridegroom comes from the Old English brydguma, which is a combination of bryd (bride) and guma (man). The word appears in both Old and New Testaments and carries the same meaning referring to Jesus as the husband, or Bridegroom, of the Bride of Christ, the Church.

Although no metaphor can adequately describe the relationship between Christ and believers, they help us to understand the union better. One metaphor used in Scripture is The Bride of Christ. The Bride of Christ is also known as The Church- Universal, the big "C" Church. It consists of every believer who has accepted Christ as their Savior through the new birth. It encompasses believers of all ages both in heaven and earth.

Song of Solomon 2:16a, KJV says, "My beloved is mine, and I am his..." This refers to the fact that we have direct access, connection, and protection to the One whom our soul loves and is waiting for. God loves each of us individually and individually claims us as His own even though we are part of The Church made of many.

Jesus is the only One who could pay the price to redeem us from our sin, He also redeemed us to Himself! Jesus, The Bridegroom, is the Lamb who is worthy to be praised. He has redeemed His people and bought His Bride with His own blood! He not only redeemed us, but there is coming a day when the Bridegroom is coming for His Bride, and we, who are ready, will be joined with Him in a complete and perfect union!

Empowered woman, you can live knowing that you have been redeemed, honored, raised, seated, and your presence is anticipated in Heaven by The Bridegroom who has given all to spend eternity with you.

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