HER STORY: Mary Magdalene

Here is a glimpse of HER STORY: Redeemed Session Nine, Mary Magdalen, written by Amy Stoehr.

Empowered Women

September 2, 2023



"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the Word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death" REVELATION 12:10,11 (NKJV).

Mary’s story is familiar and remarkable. Most of us know that she was a precious woman from whom Jesus cast out 7 demons (Luke 8:2). Can you imagine the torment of her life? What hopelessness she must have experienced!

On a certain day, Jesus came to town and set Mary free in an instant! Perhaps it was when He visited Magdala by boat (Matthew 15:39). We see she left all to follow Jesus and followed Him for the remainder of His time on earth. Jesus is still in the business of interrupting precious lives on any certain day and setting them free! Never give up hope for yourself, your loved ones, and the people you are praying for! Your prayers avail much!

In her new freedom, she was passionately and completely devoted to Jesus! We see in Luke 8:2 that she and other women supported His ministry needs, served, and traveled with Him even to the very night of the Last Supper. Through the day, she heard Jesus' teachings, witnessed His miracles, and saw the love of the Father and the Kingdom of God. She broke bread with Him and became close friends with His mother and His disciples. I believe she was near when he walked the Via Dolorosa, praying, watching, and seeing Him experience great pain and agony. We see her at the foot of the Cross with Mary, Jesus' dear mother, and the other women while the disciples had fled! She heard His words on the cross, witnessed His pain, and was there at the moment of His death. She worshipped Him there and prayed at His feet. She was there when they took His body from the cross, and Joseph wrapped it in linen. I imagine she helped to wash and clean his bloodstained skin. She saw him in the tomb, where they laid him. She was a faithful, beloved worshipper, proclaiming her love. She had no other agenda, He had redeemed her life from possession and He was her passion!

After His resurrection, Mary was the first person to whom Jesus appeared and spoke! Before dawn the next day, she went to the tomb bringing spices to anoint Him and saw the stone rolled away! To her amazement, He was not there! The angel spoke to her, "He is not here but has risen, just as He said" (Matthew 28:1-8). With instruction from the Angel to go and tell, the women hurried on their way until Jesus appeared to them on the road. When He called Mary by her name, she knew it was Him, clung to His feet, and worshipped Him. Oh, the glory of that miraculous moment! He gave her instructions to PROCLAIM His resurrection to His disciples (Matthew 28:9-10). This redeemed woman, once possessed by devils, was the very first to PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL that our REDEEMER is the Risen Savior!

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