Global Conference '22

Review the incredible events and stories that took place as nearly 15,000 people from all over the world gathered together in Manaus, Brazil for the first-ever PCG Global Conference.

World Missions

June 30, 2022


Growing the Church

Global Conference 2022

History & Purpose

—Virgil Kincaid, Global Missions Director

More than ten years ago, when Janie and I were elected to serve as World Missions Directors, a dream was birthed in our hearts. Though some regions of the world had already gathered together in years past, continental and global conferences had never taken place. If the Pentecostal Church of God were truly a global church with a global mission, then we felt that this Movement should create opportunities to actually experience it.

Even in January 2012, as I visited Brazil and spoke with National President Francisco Montefusco and the IDPB (Igreja de Deus Pentecostal do Brasil) leadership team, we discussed the potential of a Global Conference to be hosted in the Amazonas. In the days, weeks, months, and years to follow, Brazilian leadership on national and local levels as well as our American PCG General Missions Board, General Council, and General Board all unified to embrace this dream and make it a reality.

Our inaugural Global Conference was set for July 2020. Despite postponement caused by the Covid-19 pandemic which swept the globe, God was gracious to us. The dream and vision never wavered. Finally, on July 25-30, 2022, more than 15,000 people from across the world streamed to Manaus, Brazil for the very first global gathering of the Pentecostal Church of God. In this providential moment, we truly witnessed an earthly snapshot of a heavenly reality as every tribe, nation, and tongue united in worship of the one true King. Regardless of where we live in the world, we are still One Mission—One Movement.

Volunteer Support

—Janie Kincaid, Global Missions Administrative Assistant

The commitment of Igreja de Deus Pentecostal do Brasil cannot be understated. From the beginning, they laid hold to the idea and never let go until the dream had been realized. In the process, IDPB amassed 22 committees made up of 700 volunteers from various parts of Brazil, each working tirelessly to make sure that every detail was considered and carried through to completion. For several years, we have watched this Global Conference team pray enthusiastically, plan methodically, and execute meticulously.

While all volunteer committees were outstanding, we were especially proud of the transportation team. Many flights into and out of Manaus took place in the middle of the night. Not only did they fight exhaustion to greet with smiling faces, big bear hugs, and “Welcome to Global Conference” banners; but they also organized transportation to and from hotels and guest homes, staying long hours to ensure that guests were secure in their lodging or through security at the airport. On occasion, flights were delayed or missed altogether, but the transportation team always found a way to make sure their guests were cared for. No one was left stranded!

In all facets of the event, these volunteers were some of the most dedicated and capable people I have ever witnessed. These laborers for Christ were alert to what needed to be done while remaining prayerful and worshipful. IDPB amassed 22committees made up of700 volunteers.

IDPB amassed 22 committees made up of 700 volunteers.

"They didn't get paid to serve; they paid to serve."
-Rev. Regiane Montefusco

Services & Schedule

—Kimberly Ming, Women's Ministries Director

Following Matthew 9:35-38 as a thematic guide, Global Conference emphasized the call to go forth into the harvest field. While the sermons weren’t choreographed, each message worked in perfect harmony, challenging the audience to see the harvest, be moved for a harvest, and pray for harvest just as they have been sent by Christ for harvest. It was no coincidence that the very atmosphere of our host nation testified concerning these things. 60-years ago PCG missionaries John and Wanda King first carried the Gospel to the harvest field in the Amazonas. Their labor was not in vain, since the seed sown has since produced upwards of 900 churches and preaching stations with nearly 60,000 constituents.

On Wednesday, July 27, the opening service was kicked off by a flag ceremony and dance that represented the various continents around the globe. In each service, thereafter, we continued to witness the beauty of worship through dance as young people from the churches in Manaus ministered with their gifts. With close to 4,000 registered guests flooding the auditorium, Rev. Werner Nachtigal from Global Outreach in Germany shared a call to personal evangelism. Later that evening, our very own Messenger College graduates Dallas Herndon and Anna Warren, along with Calede Santana of Brazil, represented the next generation by sharing a unified sermon on the importance of seeing the lost. General Bishop Wayman Ming noted in reflection:

“One thing that continues to inspire me with hope is God’s anointing on the next generation. It seemed as if more than half of the auditorium was filled with young leaders, and that means the PCG is in good hands in the coming decades."

In the Thursday and Friday sessions, powerful messages were shared by Pastor Faith Bogonko of Kenya, Bishop Francisco Montefusco of Brazil, Pastor Gustavo Calderon from Guatemala, and Bishop Felix Labang from the Philippines. Pastor Faith reminded us that “God’s number one goal is harvest! Revival is good, but His agenda involves bringing in souls.” And in multiple sessions, we were challenged to live as a house of prayer for the nations. Throughout both days, multitudes were touched by the Gospel, but powerful moments of one-on-one ministry also presented themselves. Some were healed, others were set free from bondage, and still others, such as the mayor of Manuas, were uplifted by honest interaction with the unified Body of Christ.

“The Lord has challenged me to share the Gospel every day. I will... I am.”
—Rev. Werner Nachtigal

Saturday, July 30 represented the climactic moment of Global Conference. While each service throughout the week was charged with an electrifying excitement and the presence of God, it is difficult to adequately describe what transpired Saturday night as some 15,000 people pressed into the presence of God. Busloads were already arriving four hours before service, and there was a buzz in the air as people from all over the world sported their Global Conference gear, took their places to serve, and anticipated what God would do.

The Governor of the Amazonas region, Wilson Lima, and his wife joined us that night for worship and greeted the congregation. While it was an incredible honor to welcome them, one could sense how much more of an honor it was to have the King of Kings in our midst. Early on in the service, Bishop Ming and Director Kincaid declared our global missions goals for a Decade of Harvest—to see 100 nations, 10,000 new next-gen leaders, 10,000 churches and ministers, and 1,000,000 disciples of Christ—and many of the national bishops present followed suit by doing the same. Bishop Felix Labang, for example, prophetically declared that the Philippines would believe for and work toward accomplishing ten percent of that decadal mission.

While Bishop Ming preached a sermon on the stage titled “Leave Nothing Behind,” Directors Virgil and Janie Kincaid were praying for groups of volunteers behind the stage. In both locations, people were being filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit. As the service came to a close, children carried in the flags of the 27 nations that the PCG intends to target in this decade, but they were all led by a high-flying “Jesus” banner symbolizing the fact that “God owns the harvest.” As global leaders united in prayer, we witnessed the spirit of unity and a renewed determination to take the Gospel to every tribe, nation, and tongue. In the end, we were left with this resonating affirmation:

“God has a secret weapon in winning the harvest, and that secret weapon is... YOU!”
—Dr. Wayman Ming Jr.

Final Thoughts

—Virgil & Janie Kincaid

Even beyond the main auditorium where services were taking place, the power and presence of the Holy Spirit was evident. It was everywhere—in the hotels and restaurants and even on excursions. Regardless of where you were in the moment, healing, deliverance, salvation, and assurance of calling were manifested. Not one person left Manaus the same as when they came, for they received a mandate by the Holy Spirit to take what they had experienced back to their homes and share the Gospel with others in order that their lives might also be changed. As Global Conference came to a close, we realized that the Gospel was going from everywhere to everywhere.

Like so many others, I (Janie) left changed. Even now, when I see a photograph or watch a video clip from Global Conference, I weep. It’s as if I am still in His presence and experiencing His power. I am more aware of His presence and am hearing His voice of guidance. My commitment to Him is only strengthened as I continue to say, “I will go where You want me to go, do what You want me to do, and say what You want me to say.” Global Conference was my spiritual refresh button.

Toward the end of the conference, Igor, one of our translators, approached to ask where the next Global Conference would be located. Unsure, I (Virgil) let him know that we are still considering our options. Igor’s response was priceless: “Well, I don’t care where it’s going to be; I’m going to be there."

Whenever it is and wherever it is, I trust the Holy Spirit will be there too. But in the interim, let us put into practice what we have seen and heard at this first Global Conference, engaging in His mission to bring life to the lifeless and hope to the hopeless. Now more than ever before, we are committed to the harvest until the whole world hears.

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