Cultivating Hunger

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October 28, 2021


Pursuing God's Presence

Cultivating Hunger

Inward Discipline - Fasting

Can you believe we are already in the last few months of2021?! As the year comes to an end, it is a great time to look back and refocus our hearts on the source of our being. We are going to continue to look at spiritual disciplines and how they affect living on mission.

This month we are looking at the discipline of fasting. Fasting is an inward discipline, or otherwise known as an abstinent discipline. Fasting is an ancient act that is used in many religions. However, the purpose of Christian fasting is to break the power of the flesh–our desires, sins, and cravings–and to feed on the Holy Spirit. In fasting, the great hunger of the heart and mind for answered prayer permeates the body itself. Dallas Willard says that “Fasting confirms our utter dependence upon God by finding in Him a source of sustenance beyond food.”

As with all disciplines, we find our reason for fasting in the life of Jesus and how he lived his life. We see Jesus take 40 days to fast before the start of his ministry in Matthew 4:2. Jesus teaches on the posture of fasting in Matthew 6:16 and emphasizes that this practice isn’t for religious prestige.

So we know why we fast, but how do we fast. It is very simple. Fasting, is removing food, and sometimes water from the diet. Rather than eat or drink, one focuses on God.

How does this interact with the mission? Fasting is a great way to bring clarity to your inward and outward actions. It is a time of reassessment and yearning for God. All of which is needed to live a life on mission.

Three Reasons For Fasting:


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