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April 26, 2022


Contending for Mission

Be the Support

One of the easiest ways to practically support the mission is through giving financial support. However, money and fundraising can often be an avoided topic even though it is a pivotal ministry. How? It is a way to give toward the work of God around the world and an invitation to be a part of a ministry that you otherwise would not be able to touch.

Being on mission through financial support is not a transactional process. It is an investment into the kingdom. Rob Martin in his book When Money Goes on Mission states that, “...when ministries fundraise and Christians give for the mission of sharing Christ, the true value is eternal, not temporal. The gift is given to encourage a transformational act, a loving action of the gospel, where good gets down to work at the very furthest extension of mission, darkness is penetrated, and those around the world created in His image are delivered from deprivation, injustice, loneliness, and the grip of Satan.”

Being a supporter by supplying the means in which ministry can be done is a part of knowing that you are among a body of believers that have the same mind and same mission. We see an example of this in the early church described in Acts 2 when it says that “And all the believers were together and had all things in common; and they would sell their property and possessions and share them with all, to the extent that anyone had need.” (vs44-45)

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