Young Teen / High School (SEEN) Teacher's Kit

$ 35.99 USD
$ 35.99 USD
Help provide a safe and nurturing environment for your students to discover the truth and wisdom of God and to process what they see in the world with this simple all-in-one convenience kit!
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Growing the Church

Every student should feel seen and known in their church, their family, and their community. Walk alongside them as they build confidence that God sees, knows, and loves them too.

Product Description
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Seen was designed for teens—middle school and high school— to either learn together or separately.

This kit includes a Leader's Guide, Digital Resource Packet, and a PowerZone take home paper. (Note- order 1 per teacher)

Every item is available individually elsewhere in the store.

Seen helps youth leaders talk about difficult subjects with young people, including those who may have already endured hard circumstances. Sessions have practical tips and training to help leaders (from new volunteers to seasoned veterans) be sensitive to the particular needs of teens who are experiencing the effects of stress, trauma, and conflict in their lives.

Students are steeped in the foundational beliefs of Christianity as they learn about:

  • Who God is
  • Why we trust His Word
  • Who Jesus is
  • How the Holy Spirit guides us

As students grow in their spiritual knowledge, they’ll be challenged to use this knowledge to develop solid Christian character qualities such as:

  • Respecting authority
  • Gaining wisdom
  • Practicing forgiveness
  • Persevering through difficulties

Students will have the opportunity to put God’s Word into practice as they exercise valuable life skills such as:

  • Using words well
  • Thinking critically
  • Managing anger
  • Choosing purity

This resource is endorsed by the Pentecostal Church of God as our Young Teen/ High School Curriculum.

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