Toddles & 2s Teachers's Convenience Kit

$ 57.99 USD
$ 57.99 USD
Lesson planning to encourage your kids in the way God made them—to laugh and wonder!
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Growing the Church

Kids at the age 1 & 2 learn to explore, discover, and move!

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Everything you need in (1) one easy kit!

The kit includes the Toddlers & 2s Teacher Guide, colorful visuals, board books that correlate with the units, and downloadable files that include reproducible music and the Family Together Time take-home. (Note- order 1 per teacher)

Toddlers and 2s love to sing, play, and talk. As you lead your class you will be able to encourage them in the way God made them—to laugh and wonder!


This resource is endorsed by the Pentecostal Church of God as our Toddles & 2s Curriculum.

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