PM (Vol. 98.2) - Global Missions

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We are a global church with a global mission. Within these pages, we highlight the PCG Global Missions departments, challenge readers to engage in a decade of harvest, and honor faithful ministers who have gone before us (Memorial Issue).
Contending for Mission

“God didn’t come into the world to turn a blind eye to sin... It’s not that God loves humankind too much to send anyone to Hell, but that He loves humankind too much to send everyone to Heaven.”

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During his tenure, Bishop Wayman Ming Jr. has continually repeated the phrase, “We are a global church with a global mission.” It’s meant to echo the heart of “One Mission—One Movement. If we truly believe that “global” and “mission” should exist at the center of this Movement, then our goals, systems, strategies, relationships, behaviors, etc. ought to reflect “global missions” at every level—at the International Mission Center, in the districts, within local churches, and for ministers and laity as they interact with others in neighborhoods and on street corners. In fact, our PCG family around the globe has already begun working toward the accomplishment of four missional goals:

Reaching 100 nations for Christ
Developing 10,000 ministers and churches
Raising up 10,000 next-gen leaders globally
Witnessing 1,000,000 believers

In this issue of the Pentecostal Messenger, we hope to challenge readers to press on toward the accomplishment of these goals and to live missionally—not that we can boast of ourselves, saying, “Hooray, we did it!” but to evidence the fact that the Great Commission of Christ Jesus is being fulfilled in our midst. The PCG, and in particular its Global Missions department, continues to push the envelope “until the whole world hears.” The Lord is moving all around us—in urban centers and in rural regions, in Native American tribes and in villages on the opposite side of the globe, in unreached people groups and in neighbors next door. Our hope here is to share some of those stories, to celebrate what God is doing in and through Next-Gen leaders, to honor several ministers who have served faithfully for a lifetime, and to inspire readers to take advantage of the still small moments of each day. Will you go, therefore, into the world? Will you fill your pulpit?

We are One Mission. We are One Movement. We are PCG.


Dr. Wayman Ming Jr., Editor in Chief

Kelly Lineberry, Executive Editor

Spencer Ming, Design & Layout

Kevin King, In Memoriam Layout

Kimberly Ming, Quality Assurance

Dalarrie Sage, Copy Editing

Nathan Blaine, Photography

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