PM (Vol. 98.1) - Global Resources

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In this issue, we intend to offer a snapshot of some of the PCG resourcing efforts taking place around the world. And in the featured article, we sit down with Elisa Johnson, the PCG's first-ever female elected to serve in the role of District Bishop.
Growing the Church

"When we say 'yes' to being a resource for God, He reassures us that He will resource everything around us too."

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In 2024 and beyond, Global Resources represents a team that desires to connect one church in 6000+ locations to materials that equip the saints to walk worthy of their callings. From digital media communications to free and for-purchase resources (some even being translated into other languages) to financial wisdom and stewardship services and even to online training and accredited degree programs—PCG Global Resources is working tirelessly to build the Kingdom around the world.

As you read these pages, we simply hope to offer a small snapshot of what has been taking place through many of these resourcing efforts. In the featured articles, you are invited to read stories about some of the ministry training that has taken place abroad, an interview with the PCG’s first elected female district bishop (who also happens to serve on the Global Resources team), an excerpt from one of our most impactful discipleship materials, and inspirational works presented by student leaders from Messenger College students and executives from the International Mission Center. As we journey together into this new year, may we accept the challenge to live with the kind of boldness that will never be satisfied “until the whole world hears.”

We are One Mission. We are One Movement. We are PCG.


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Kimberly Ming, Quality Assurance

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