PM (Vol. 97.2) - Impact Eternity

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The call to live as One Mission—One Movement possesses a missional undertone. Thus, in this issue, you'll read stories of those who are actively reaching the world for Christ.
Impact Eternity

"Status quo" is the name of the cemetery where people and churches and organizations die... When the world is at its worst, the Church can be at its best.

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The call to live as “One Mission—One Movement” essentially involves three action steps. This issue of the Pentecostal Messenger addresses the second: to impact eternity. In his featured article, Bishop Wayman Ming Jr. reiterates the fact that evangelism—sharing your faith—is a moment that has the power to influence someone’s eternal destination. And if that’s the case, sharing one’s faith is not something to make light of. Instead, it’s something that we should aspire to do and something we should celebrate together. Not only do we challenge you to engage in our annual initiative to “Impact Eternity” each September, but it has been our goal in this issue to highlight just a few of those individuals and ministries who have modeled the way for us—the students at Messenger College who have toiled to earn ministry degrees, the churches like the Gospel Lighthouse PCG in Powderly, Texas who have committed to reach their communities for Christ, and especially the ministers who chose to impact eternity until the time came for them to go on into eternity themselves.

If the statistics are true that 95% of American believers struggle to share their faith, then for us as church leaders, let us not neglect our duty. Together, and in step with theSpirit, we can change the world.

We are One Mission. We are One Movement. We are PCG.


Dr. Wayman Ming Jr., Editor in Chief

Dan Coleman, Executive Editor

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Taylor Staniforth, Memorial Layout

Kimberly Ming, Quality Assurance

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