PM (Vol. 96.1) - Pursuing His Presence

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As the first in a series of magazines that attempts to define "One Mission—One Movement," this Spring 2022 issue challenges readers to draw nearer to God's presence in a very real and intimate way.
Pursuing God's Presence

"The most trustworthy source of refueling our souls we can ever find is time alone with Jesus."

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As you read this particular issue, we hope you’ll reflect on your own spiritual journey. Once upon a time you encountered Christ in such a deeply intimate way that you chose to spend your life pursuing Him and taking on His likeness through disciplines such as prayer, Scripture reading, and Sabbath. As a result, even when we stare in the face of giants who stand against us, our pursuit of His presence unveils the One who continues to deliver us.

Because we are His children, we have the privilege of being “grateful for the grapes,” as Bishop Wayman Ming Jr. writes in his climactic article. Thus, in light of the faithfulness He has proven through every situation and stage of life, hope rises for the “wave of wonder” growing on the horizon.

“We are One Mission—One Movement. We are PCG.”


Dr. Wayman Ming Jr., Editor in Chief

Dan Coleman, Executive Editor

Spencer Ming, Creative Director & Writer

Taylor Staniforth, Lead Designer & Photographer

Kimberly Ming, Quality Assurance

Brian Ramos, Printing Associate

Laura Salazar, Copy Editor

Shy Rees, Copy Editor

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