Ordained Series - Study Set

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The Ordained study set represents a series of books designed to educate learners for the final phase of PCG credentialed ministry. Note that the coordinating series of online courses are sold separately.
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Growing the Church

The Ordained Series intends to advance licensers into a new level of ministry effectiveness as they "Launch into the Deep."

Product Description
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Having displayed a definite call by god, those advancing to the third level of credentials - the minister's ordain - require education that emphasizes vocational ministry and spiritual leadership. This study set provides all books needed to engage that process. Learners participating in the Minister's Study Series have two options:

Option 1: The online study series involves a series of seven comprehensive courses, each based on the key textbooks listed below and supplemented by video instruction by experts in the designated field of study. This set provides the required textbooks, but registration for each of the accompanying courses must be performed separately ($25 each). Register and learn more at

  • Teams that Thrive (book only)
  • Ministerial Ethics (book only)
  • 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership (book only)
  • Intro to the OT Pentateuch (book only)
  • Emotionally Healthy Leader (book only)
  • Church History in Plain Language (book only)
  • Hidden Worldviews (book only)

Option 2: The traditional handwritten approach involves a series of reading and responses, which are to be performed through short answer and essay style analysis. This study set includes the following the  resources:

  • 33 Laws of Stewardship (book and book review)
  • 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership (book and book review)
  • Pastor at Greater Risk (book and book review)
  • How to Prepare Bible Messages (book and study guide)

To learn more about credentials with the Pentecostal Church of God or completing the application process, visit

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