PM (Vol 95.1) - His Story

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The Spring 2021 edition of the Pentecostal Messenger. In light of current events, many believers today are left feeling the sting of homesickness. But maybe, just maybe, God's story is resilient enough to rise above the madness.
Contending for Mission

"There is no greater story in existence than God's story."

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Every good story is filled with twists and turns, and God’s eternal narrative is no different. From the Garden of Eden to the Cross of Christ and on to the New Jerusalem, His story has been and will always be one rooted in redemption. In this particular issue of the Pentecostal Messenger, we chose to lean into that truth. While the featured articles (written by Olivia Carter and Spencer Ming) postulate concerning the importance of trusting in God’s missional plan, the columns and stories (especially those written by General Secretary Coleman and General Bishop Ming) call us toward a closer and more intimate awareness of God’s manifest presence. Even the photography choices of this issue are intended to remind us all that God’s creation was purposefully designed to reveal His unrelenting love and extraordinary grace.


Dr. Wayman Ming Jr., Editor in Chief

Dan Coleman, Executive Editor

Spencer Ming, Creative Director & Writer

Taylor Staniforth, Lead Designer & Photographer

Kimberly Ming, Quality Assurance

Olivia Carter, Production Manager

Brian Ramos, Printing Associate

Laura Salazar, Copy Editor

Shy Rees, Copy Editor

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