PM (Vol 93.1) - Expectation of 1M1M

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$ 3.50 USD
The Winter 2019 edition of the Pentecostal Messenger. In this issue, we pose the question: What are you expecting for a 2nd-century PCG? In light of the upcoming Centennial Celebration, it's worthwhile to explore what the next chapter might have in store.
Contending for Mission

Are you expecting for a 2nd-century PCG?

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Much of this issue reflects upon past and future. In our cover feature, Bishop Wayman Ming Jr. seeks to looking back at the progress of 2018 and look forward to the expectations of 2019. Similarly, Rev. Chuck Wilson clarifies that One Mission—One Movement is not just another catchy slogan but actually a "precise message" and a "concise rallying cry" for our fellowship. Taking Bishop's cue, the remainder of the issue highlights various ministries (such as American Indian Missions) and pastors (such as Silver Garza) who have been and continue to be an embodiment of the missional movement of Christ.


Dr. Wayman Ming Jr., Editor in Chief

Dan Coleman, Executive Editor

Spencer Ming, Creative Director

Laura Salazar, Copy Editor & Writer

Taylor Staniforth, Photography & Layout Design

Kimberly Ming, Quality Assurance

Brian Ramos, Production Manager

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