PM (Vol 93.4) - Centennial Event Highlights

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$ 3.50 USD
Fall 2019 edition of the Pentecostal Messenger. In June 2019, the Pentecostal Church of God celebrated its Centennial Anniversary. This issue highlights the key moments of the three-day event that celebrated the occasion.
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"Every person is a mission, every church is a mission, and every nation is a mission."

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This issue of the Pentecostal Messenger aims to highlight the key moments of the Centennial Celebration, somehow creating a printed expression of a personal experience. For those who were not able to participate, we hope that you will be able to rejoice with us and engage in the call to live as One Mission—One Movement. For those of you who were able to join us, we hope that these pages will ignite a sense of joy, thereby sealing lifelong memories.

Anchored by Bishop Ming's article, we will journey together as ONE. In fact, as we remember what God revealed in each of the evening services, you may notice a repeated theme, articulated by the notion that we share "One Story," operate as "One Movement," and advance toward "One Future."

This edition also features National Talent Expo and Bible Quiz winners, as well as the next chapter policies passed during convention business.


Dr. Wayman Ming Jr., Editor in Chief

Dan Coleman, Executive Editor

Spencer Ming, Creative Director & Writer

Taylor Staniforth, Lead Designer & Photographer

Kimberly Ming, Quality Assurance

Brian Ramos, Production Manager

Shy Rees, Copy Editor

Laura Salazar, Copy Editor

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