A global initiative to reach the world for Christ.
Now paired with a weekly guide designed
to build habits essential for sharing your faith.

September 1-30
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The idea is simple...

How can you impact
your community?

30 days of evangelism

Christians all over the world are sharing the Gospel in their own way, according to their unique abilities and opportunities. The goal in September is attainable for everyone: Reach at least one person for Jesus! This is just a starting point, and all Christians can participate.

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Some practical examples of how others are sharing Christ include...

  • One on one – First, be a friend. Share the story about how Jesus changed your life. Invite them to your home, a café, or another public meeting space.
  • In small groups – Meet with friends at a home, on the street, in the marketplace, or in a park.
  • Using your gifts – However God has gifted you, bless others with that gift (sewing, reading a book, a craft, telling a story).
  • Online / Digital – Text or call someone from your contact list. Just let them know you were thinking about them or offer to pray with them. Consider hosting a virtual Bible study or sharing a Bible story on social media. Try live streaming a concert from your church or even from your home.
  • At the local church – Host a back-to-school bash or family fun event on campus. Or get outside the four walls to volunteer at a shelter or food pantry.
  • More ideas include leaving notes for your postmen, sanitation workers, etc. Simply let our civil servants know that you appreciate them and are praying for them. And above all, pray for your community. Now GO and “make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19)!

Need more ideas?
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Promo Materials

We've created a promotional presentation and a series of social media graphics, which you can use to promote Impact Eternity Month to your sphere of influence. To download, simply click the link below.
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Ministry Resources

Wondering how you can share your faith? We've produced some teachings on the Basics of the Gospel Message and a simple card that describes how you can lead someone to Jesus. Simply click the link to view and download.
Download the Teachings and Handout
Devotional + Habits Challenge:
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the habits challenge
The newest resource in the Impact Eternity catalog, this weekly guide aims to help readers develop four essential habits that, when stacked upon each other, will aid in living a life on mission—prayer, generosity, justice, and evangelism.
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the devotional
Developed in 2022 as daily guide focused on developing the heart of Christ for the lost (see, move, pray), this resource includes Bible readings, prayer points, strategic action steps, and journal pages for each morning's devotional.
Video Series:
Impact Eternity Month - Introduction
Dr. Wayman Ming Jr., General Bishop
How to Share Your Faith (Pt. 1)
Joe Oden, Prayer & Evangelism
How to Share Your Faith (Pt. 2)
Joe Oden, Prayer & Evangelism
Week 2 Intro - SEE: Every Person
Luis Lopez, Messenger College
Week 3 Intro - MOVE: Every Church
Dan Coleman, General Secretary
Week 4 Intro - PRAY: Every Nation
Anna Warren, Global Education
Week 5 Intro - CELEBRATE: Every Story
Jon Jennings, Church Coaching & Planting
Impact Eternity Month - Conclusion
Dr. Wayman Ming Jr., General Bishop
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Share Your Story:

Why share your story?

Your story is the best tool you have to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. It is personal, it is real, and it is the thing you know the most about—your own experience with God.

Write your story down.

Take some time to pray and write down the ways you have been sharing your faith. Ask the Holy Spirit for help. Writing it down will help you organize your thoughts and communicate clearly.

How long should it be?

You should be able to tell your story in 3 minutes or less. Good stories should be engaging and concise. All of Jesus’ parables were this way and we would love to tell stories like Jesus.

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Impact Stories


"You will change the ecclesiastical and missional landscape of the PCG. You will impact eternity... Plans and strategies are imperative, but the greatest weapon we have is our PCG people."

-Dr. Wayman Ming Jr., General Bishop


Jesus’ last words on earth were very clear: “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation” (Mk. 16:15). Unfortunately, some have taken this statement as a suggestion rather than a command. Believe it or not, through the power of the Spirit, we are ALL called to be witnesses.

So what can YOU do to share the Gospel? All you need is a willingness to go and use your gifts as the Lord leads you. There are countless ways to do this, either on your own or with a group or church.


Each September, we ask every PCG pastor all around the world to mobilize and send his / her church to reach people in their community. Be unique. Be creative. Be yourself in your intentional effort to grow the church of Jesus Christ in a worldwide harvest.

After all, the church wasn’t intended to take place within the four walls of a building. So our prayer is that the Kingdom of God will come to earth – that what’s up there might come down here, and what’s down here might go out there.

Contending for Mission

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