Story: Quenten and Colleen Huskins

God redeemed the lives of two broken and addicted individuals, bringing them together to be a light to their beautifully blended family and the community surrounding them.

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June 1, 2023



Story: Quenten and Colleen Huskins

Quenten was addicted to drugs for many years. Addictive behaviors overtook him in a way that caused him to be an untrustworthy husband, dad, and son. In 2007, Quenten was arrested and sent to prison, where he remained incarcerated until 2015. Early in his imprisonment, however, Quenten gave his life to Christ!

Colleen came to the Gospel Lighthouse in Powderly, Texas as a very broken young lady. She was living in addiction as well, but she also battled the emotional and physical traumas resulting from the violently abusive relationships that she had experienced in her past. But in 2014, Colleen surrendered her life to Christ, becoming a new creation! Ladies in the church opened their lives up to Colleen and discipled her into a committed follower of Christ.

Upon Quenten’s release from prison in 2015, he began attending the Gospel Lighthouse with his parents, finding in the process a church family that would not judge a person by their past but would instead believe what God says about them. In 2018, Quenten and Colleen were united in marriage. They are now representing Christ to their blended family brought together from previous marriages and raising their own four year old son, Quenten Jr., who wants to be a preacher when he grows up.

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