Story: Lloyd Nkowani

Pastor Lloyd Nkowani of Victory Tabernacle Pentecostal Church of God in Ndola, Zambia shares about his missional vision and the rapid growth taking place in the region.

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February 1, 2023


Growing the Church

Church Growth in Zambia

In the year 1996, l joined the PCG here in Zambia, where I have served several years in active membership and in various terms as elder, secretary, and evangelist. Throughout the years, God has been faithful to me. In 2017, I was ordained as a pastor by Rev. Doug Copp, and since then I have been serving the church here in Ndola, Zambia. When I first began serving here, we averaged 45 to 70 in attendance. Now, with the help of God, we have 300 total members and an average Sunday attendance of 90 to 130. Our vision for this year is to bring 1,000 people to Jesus Christ and to grow the church by incorporating at least 300 of them into membership at this church. Even if some attend other churches, we still give God all the glory!

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