Story: Colby and Chelsie Mcknight

God rescued Colby and Chelsie from addiction and darkness. Through the obedience and persistence of believers, God showed up to this couple in a way that would radically change the direction of their lives.

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June 1, 2023



Story: Colby and Chelsie Mcknight

Colby and Chelsie lived much of their 20s in darkness and addiction. In moments of clarity, they would see the brokenness they were living in and the pain they were inflicting on their children and have intention to change. Unsurprisingly, these intentions led to many broken promises and greater darkness.

In 2019, Chelsie was arrested and sent to Bowie County Women’s Center for 12 months. While there, Chelsie surrendered her heart to the Lord. She was discipled through letters from her grandmother, Lynn Sparks, as well as letters from Pastor Faith. At the end of that time, she came home grounded in her faith and ready to serve God. Unfortunately, Colby’s heart remained hard and deceived, and he continued to live in addiction until he too was arrested in 2021. Amazingly, during his 2-month sentence, he also turned to God, and his life became new.

Today, Colby, Chelsie, and their children are faithfully serving God together! They are vital pieces of the ministry of the Gospel Lighthouse in Powderly, Texas and are both pursuing a call of God to ministry. Praise God for his faithfulness and for the seeds that were planted by the Gospel Lighthouse family!

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