PCG Chaplaincy: Training 2023

PCG 2.1 - Training for Chaplains 2023

Chaplains Commission

September 14, 2023


Practical Leadership

In the "PCG 2.1 - Chaplains Training 2023" , Bishop discusses the requirements for chaplains to maintain their endorsement and earn continuing education credits. Chaplains can attend in-person sessions or watch videos on the website. The training schedule includes sessions led by experienced chaplains, a spouse's session, a business meeting, and guest speakers. The event also marks the addition of female chaplains and diversity to the PCG chaplain's commission. The PCG aims to expand its presence in Italy and encourages military chaplains to attend annual conferences through the TDY status. The church provides training, financial support, and resources to chaplains who meet the requirements, including tithes and scholarships.

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