Let's Begin Living on Mission

Discover how to live daily on mission. This resource dives into "The Mission" and why it is important for each church.

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April 25, 2021


Contending for Mission

Let's Begin Living on Mission!

We have spent many months discussing the Mission, the mandate given to the Church in Matthew 28:19. It is so important to know that this Mission is Biblically based and historically pursued. (If you need are fresher, I encourage you to go to to read past Living on Mission articles). But now, it is time to apply what we have learned about the Mission.

What does it look like to “Live on Mission”?

We know it is important, but how is it possible?

The Mission is for the entire church, not just those called to “full-time ministry.” But life happens. Most, if not all of us have busy schedules full of to-do lists and responsibilities. The Mission is for you too! The Mission was meant to be a part of your walk with Christ, not an extra responsibility, but a reality of life as an apprentice of Jesus.

Last month we looked at prayer, and prayer is not only a great place to start living on Mission, but essential to it! The next few months we are going to look at how to apply the truth of the Mission within your local church, your family, and your own personal walk with God.

Look at where you are right now. Are you Mission-minded in your walk with Christ? Or does the Mission get forgotten in the busyness of life? Perhaps you have a heart to obey God, but you just do not know how yet. Wherever you are, my heart is to help you find your next step. But we cannot do that when we do not know where we are at to begin with.

Grow to Go

Jeannie Marie, an author, and passionate advocate for the Mission, has created a self-test that analyzes where you are at in your Missional journey! I encourage each of you to take a moment and answer the questions! Let us see where we are at so we can get to where we are going!

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