A Church on Mission

Discover how to live daily on mission. This resource dives into "The Mission" and why it is important for each church.

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August 27, 2021


Contending for Mission

A Church on Mission

It is now time to look at the church on mission!

To begin this study, we must specify what we mean by the Church. First, the Church (capital C) is the entire body of Christ across the globe; this includes every disciple from every nation. Then there is the local church, which is our topic this month; this is the community you worship alongside weekly.

To give adequate missional strategies, we must divide the readers into two categories. We will call the categories leading disciples and disciples. Both groups are consisting of disciples and each disciple is called to be a leader. However, the leading disciples are those that have been put into authority within the local body and make ministerial decisions within the local church. These are men and women that have been called to higher leadership, they have titles such as bishop, pastor, teacher, or director, depending on the church that you attend.

Leading Disciples:

Model what it looks like to Live on Mission.

Serve the community you are placed in

Begin praying about outreach programs

Be globally centered in how you speak and what programs that you lead.

Lead a local evangelistic event for families.

Continue to educate about the Mission!

Pray for missionaries and unreached people during your services. What you believe is your focus which should be a given time within the service.

Adopt a missionary, this can be done at all levels, however, it is a great children or youth group project. Pray for them, send them letters, send financial support.

Invite Lonnie and Bamboi to your church. Who is that? These are the characters of our new coloring book from Kids on Mission! For more information email Mark Rector at, KOM Coordinator.


Invite people from your community to come to your church.

Invite your unsaved neighbors and friends over for dinner and be hospitable. This is a great way to show the love of Christ and it gives you an opportunity to share your faith.

Ask another disciple from your church to pray with you for your community and for the global church.

Meet with other disciples and share about how you lived on mission that week. This is a great way to keep one another accountable.

Ask if you can start a small group about the mission. A group book to use would be Across the Street and Around the World.

These are just a few ideas of how you can be a part of a church on Mission.

I would encourage you to ask questions about the mission within your church, and to share your passion and a new understanding of being a disciple with your leaders. I would also encourage that those that are not in local church leadership to not complain or be discouraged if your church does not engage in these practices. But to continue to pray for their leaders and to bring suggestions with honor, respect, and love.

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