The Truth About the Family

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$ 15.99 USD
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The Truth about the Family's 13 chapters focus on the biblical patterns laid down by the creator of the family- God Himself- and deals with every aspect of family life.
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    Vernell Ingle
    Vernell Ingle
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    Messenger Publishing
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"Unless we understand the origin and basis of marriage as found in Genesis, we can never fully appreciate the sanctity of marriage."

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Vernell Ingle takes his life passion for marriage and family and puts into a book that discusses topics such as biblical patterns for husband and wife, all the way to family finances. This book also deals with some of the harsh subjects in what it looks like to raise a Godly family in the 21st century.


"Vernell Ingle, one of our most powerful speakers and an authority on the subject of the family, has made available his timely advice in written form. Read it, learn from it, live it, and pass it on."

- Ronald R. Minor, Former General Secretary, Pentecostal Church of God

"Vernell Ingle is a gifted communicator who writes with clarity, experience, keen insight, and compassion. I believe this valuable resources for families will meet enthusiastic reception and be in use for years and years to come."

- Gary W. Moon, PhD.

"The Truth about the Family reminds us of God's patterns for the family recorded in the Word. Anyone wanting to gain an understanding about the unique blessing of the Christian family will prosper by this book's careful read"

- Jim Harris, PhD.

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