In Your Korner

$ 7.95 USD
$ 7.95 USD
When you find yourself backed into a Korner, where can you turn? Adapted from Karen's Korner (a weekly video series), this devotional shares 52 short one-minute words of hope and encouragement. He too is in your Korner.
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    Karen Ming
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    Karen Ming
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Pursuing God's Presence

52 Weekly Devotional Thoughts for Your Korner

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Many times in life we can feel backed into a Korner, desperate for guidance and direction in our darkest moments. But here's the good news: Through the Holy Spirit, God willingly comes down to meet us in the midst of our mess to light up the darkness. Through Him you can have hope in your pain, new direction following your lostness, and the light to move beyond blindness.

In the various pages of this devotional, readers will find short one-minute words of hope and encouragement. Though these have been adapted for print following their initial post on "Karen's Korner" (a weekly online video series found at, their messages still inspire regardless of circumstances. Each week as you open this book, pause to hear God's Word and reflect upon your journey. In the process, perhaps you will receive "His thoughts for you" and discover that He too is in your Korner.

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