In Pursuit

$ 10.99 USD
$ 10.99 USD
In Pursuit is a radical call for modern day Noah's who will abandon all in pursuit of God's purposes and plans for the generation. In this book, Randy challenges readers of all ages to pursue the right things- the needful things in life. Are you ready to be In Pursuit?
Pursuing God's Presence

"Today is the day to get moving, to kick it in to high gear and be in pursuit."

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In this book, Randy Lawrence describes what it means to be a Christian that is in an all out pursuit for the presence of God. Using the bible verse Matthew 24: 37 he shows what it means to be a Christian in a modern world that feels like the days of Noah. Although it may seem like that world is going crazy and every Christian feels like they are on an island by themselves, this books shows a Christian how to be constantly in pursuit of God's purpose, presence, prayer, purity, and power.


"It has been a great joy of mine to know Randy Lawrence. Randy is a 'Noah' in a world overcome by darkness. He is a young man in pursuit. In this great book, Randy challenges the reader to pursue the right things- the needful tings in life.I pray that Randy's book will challenge you, as it has me, to pursue God's presence and power, through your own purity, purpose, and prayer."

-Dr. Larry Martin, River of Revival Ministries

"There's an awakening among leaders today to cultivate a deeper relationship with God. The Holy Spirit is raising up a new generation of people who are pursing God with everything; Randy's book provides key insights for the 'Noah's of the last days'. This book is a great resource for not only pastors but for every Christian who has a desire to go beyond the superficial. I am convinced that this book has the potential to change your life and rejuvenate your passion for God."

-Josh Pennington, Senior Pastor Christpoint Church

"Randy and I had the privilege of working in ministry together for several years. One of his personal characteristics and strengths is competition. What I love, is that Randy writes like he lives, and that is in fierce competition against an enemy that does not want us to Pursue our purpose. If you like average don't pick up this books, but if you want a greater understanding of how to keep passionately progressing in your walk with God as a leader, then give this a read."

-Joe Skiles, Lead Pastor New Hope Church

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