Burn Factor

$ 10.99 USD
$ 10.99 USD
Ready to go all in? Discover how to discover a life of complete surrender to the call of God.

"The world is waiting for modern day Elishas who will give everything to the call of God, pick up the mantle and GO!

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Following the story of Elijah and Elisha, he shares how God truly does have more in store for those who are willing to go all in. Are you ready to recklessly pursue God's divine call and leave everything behind to experience all that He has for you? Refuse to settle for a normal life, discover the joy of abandoning all for the call. Experience the Burn Factor.


"We desperately need a generation of young people who will read The Burn Factor and discover the God who can do above and beyond what they dream possible."

-Ron Luce, Founder and President of Teen Mania International

"We need a generation of Elijah's who will see the potential in others and a generation of Elisha's who will dare to believe God for greater things. Read this book prayerfully as it will fulfill an assignment in your life."

-Heath Adamson, National Youth Director Assemblies of God and Author of The Bush Always Burns

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