Basic Homiletical Studies

$ 14.99 USD
$ 14.99 USD
Basic Homiletical Studies comes from a burning desire to offer help where it is needed in this subject. Author C. M. O'Guin looks at the practices and productions of many great Homiletic teachers and scholars to compile to answers to Homiletics that all beginning pastors need.
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    C. M. O'Guin
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    Messenger Publishing
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Pastoral Reference

"The Holy Ghost must be sought in every endeavor in the ministry of the word."

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This book pulls from the teaching and lessons from many different Homiletic teachers to help inspire and teach the next generation of leaders. This book shows different ways to look at scripture and organize sermons from the whole chapter method to outlining by verses. C. M. O'Guin has put together an amazing book for any new minister to learn Homiletics and expand their horizons.


This book is endorsed by the Pentecostal Church of God as part of its Ministers Study Series.

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