Annual Prayer and Fasting

May 3-23, 2021 | Guided prayer for the 21 Days leading up to the Day of Pentecost

Acts 29: The STORY Continues...

Each year, we prayerfully consider a biblical text and theme to guide our 21 day prayer journey. This year, as we approach the Day of Pentecost and prepare for the 2021 General Assembly, we felt drawn to the divine STORY God has been writing since the inception of His Church.

In the Acts of the Apostles, Luke pens a glorious account of the outpouring of the Spirit and subsequent launch of the Church, but the story seems to end abruptly in chapter 28... It leaves some wondering today: What if this choice was intentional, as if to say that Acts 29 and the story of the Church is actually continuing in the hearts of every believer in the present day?

For 21 days (May 3-23), we hope you'll join our global Movement as we fast, pray, and read the story of the early church. Be sure to check below and follow along on social for resources to help guide you on your journey.
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Pt. 1 - Empowered by the Spirit
Days: May 3-7, 2021
Reading: Acts 1-7

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Pt. 2 - Enlarge the Circle
Days: May 8-12, 2021
Reading: Acts 8-12

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Pt. 3 - Engage Your World
Days: May 13-17, 2021
Reading: Acts 13-20

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Pt. 4 - Express Your Story
Days: May 18-23, 2021
Reading: Acts 21-28

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