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PCG's Racial Reformation Statement

POSTED June 6, 2020

The violence occurring in our nation is symbolic of a deeper pain beneath the pain—racism.

For years, together we have prayed “Father, your Kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” So what does the Kingdom of Heaven look like? Equality...where no one is subverted by the color of his/her skin. Racism is a sin, and silence isn’t an option. When the lawyer asked, “Who is my neighbor?” Jesus explained, “The Samaritan—someone of a different race.” While the priest and Levite looked away, the Samaritan did not.

As Christians, if we simply look away when things get ugly, we are just as guilty as the priest and Levite. So, we are calling on One Mission—One Movement to act. We don’t need just another foot washing service. We need more Christians who will pray fervently and speak up effectively until we see justice and dignity for all human life.