Global Conference

July 25-31, 2022 • Manaus, Brazil

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Global Conference

The story

Did you know that the Pentecostal Church of God has a presence in 72 different nations of the world? We are a global church with a global mission, so we've begun planning the first ever Global PCG Conference.


From July 25-31, our PCG family from every corner of the globe will stream to Manaus, Brazil as an illustration of One World–One Mission–One Movement, and we are hopeful that at least 200 leaders from our United States contingency will choose to attend. ​

Our selected venue can accommodate upwards of 20,000, and will serve as an excellent place for global worship. It is our belief that this particular event will represent a defining moment for our Movement, launching us into a new season of unity and mission. Surely you don't want to miss it.

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Studio 5 Convention Center
Av. Rodrigo Otávio, 3555 - Distrito Industrial I
Manaus - AM, 69075-005, Brazil

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Schedule at a Glance:

Monday, July 25 — International Guest Arrival
Tuesday, July 26 — International Guest Welcome
Wednesday, July 27 — Registration & Session 1 (evening)
Thursday, July 28 — Sessions 2-5
Friday, July 29 — Sessions 6-10
Saturday, July 30 —Session 11 (evening)
Sunday, July 31 — Attend Sunday Worship Locally

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For further information, contact the World Missions Department of the Pentecostal Church of God at 817-554-5900 ext. 344 or email