Disaster Response

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Urgent! Disastrous Storms Strike Midwest


The last couple of days of severe and deadly storms have brought much loss and pain to the mid-west portion of the United States.  Lives have been lost many of them being elementary age children and the death toll is still predicted to rise.  First, please be in prayer for the victims of this disaster and especially for those who have lost loved ones.  Also, please pray for the safety and well-being of all of our brave first responders and volunteers on the ground.  The PCG already has Disaster Response personnel (Purcell Oklahoma CERT Team) on the ground and working and we have other teams as well as other volunteers awaiting an all clear sign from officials to deploy.


These storm victims need our prayers and financial assistance so we are asking you to please make a donation on the PCG website to National Missions Disaster Relief or send a check made payable to National Missions earmarked DISASTER RELIEF.  If you have any questions about donations or volunteering in the days and weeks to come please call the National Missions office for information.​



The Disaster Response arm of National Missions is a growing area of tangible ministry in the United States of America.  We need your help to not only offer financial assistance to the victims of natural disasters, but we also need volunteers be ready to respond at a moments notice and offer immediate assistance to victims of natural disasters.


Your giving in response to the deadly natural disasters over the past two years, has been nothing short of miraculous.  Whether you give or whether you go, we are calling on you to respond to the needs of your fellow man and together we can make a difference.

Interested in information on developing a Disaster Response Team in your community or church? Please email us by clicking HERE or call our offices.