Unrivaled: Passion of One

In this devotional study (the second of a three-part series), discover the passionate love of God. Together we will understand that we can fully trust his love and actually live it out in the world.

Empowered Women

February 3, 2020


Love, women, prayer

Unrivaled: Passion of One

In this devotional study, discover the passionate love of God, a redefined true love that is completely unrivaled and unequal to any earthly love. While taking a deeper look into Scripture, learn what it looks like to live loved. Together we will understand...

  • We are passionately loved by God
  • We can fully trust in the love of God
  • We can passionately live loved to the world

This devotional book has been created with 12 chapters, each including study questions, a deeper look at the Word, a personal application challenge, an activation prayer, and plenty of room to journal your thoughts. Grab a friend to join you, and discover the Unrivaled Love of God! Great for personal or group study.

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