One Mission - One Movement Is...

One Mission-One Movement is more than a catchy slogan and more than an organizational structure. It's a call to action.

Spencer Ming

General Assembly 2023

October 1, 2023


Mission & Vision

One Mission - One Movement Is...

(Editor’s Note: The article below was originally prepared and utilized as a script for the event opener video played at General Assembly 2023.)

“One Mission—One Movement” is more than a catchy slogan. It’s our culture. It’s our operational structure. It’s our core belief. We believe God has One Mission on His mind—to reach the lost—and One Movement on this planet—the Church of Jesus Christ. We are a global movement, functioning even now as one church in more than 6000 locations. We are a global mission, characterized by our commitment to...

  • Pursue His Presence,
  • Contend for Mission,
  • Grow the Church.

If Christ has commissioned us to “make disciples of ALL nations,” then our mandate is clear: We must GO! It’s not a suggestion, and it’s not optional. We must impact eternity by the power of the Spirit at work within us. The story of Jesus Christ changes lives, and the Gospel message has the power to alter someone’s eternal destination.


“One Mission—One Movement” isn’t meant to be another item to check off the task list. It’s a way of life. It’s a discipleship model. It’s a call for every person, every church, and every nation to reap a harvest.

We believe the 2020s will represent the greatest DECADE OF HARVEST the Pentecostal Church of God has ever seen, so we’re praying a very specific prayer. Over the next decade, we have faith to see...

  • 100 nations with a PCG presence,
  • 10,000 new next-gen leaders around the globe,
  • 10,000 ministers and churches,
  • 1,000,000 disciples of Jesus Christ.

By God’s grace, our story will be one of multiplication and ministry. Not numbers for the sake of numbers, but growth testifying of the fact that cities and nations are being transformed by the love of Jesus.


“One Mission—One Movement” isn’t conducive for the organizational machine. It is a call to action, a prompt to move beyond ourselves so that we might reach the entire world for Christ. And the truth is that we are not alone. A national church will reach a city or a nation; but a global church with a global mission will preach until the whole world hears.

This is what “One Mission—One Movement” looks like. This is what the Kingdom looks like.

Do you have faith to see these missional goals accomplished? Do you have the audacity to play your part? Will you take action by...

  • Inspiring your calling,
  • Impacting eternity,
  • Investing in One Mission—One Movement?

Will you commit yourself to prayer for a Decade of Harvest? No longer shall we settle for the status quo. No longer shall the red tape of a system hinder us. There’s a blank page before us! The story of a 2nd-century PCG is still being written, and now the pen is in your hand...

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