Impacto Eternidad

Una iniciativa global para alcanzar el mundo para Cristo
— Septiembre 2020 —

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La idea es simple...

• Every person reaching the lost
• Every church doing an outreach
• Every nation touching inner cities

We are one church in 6000+ locations.

We are one body with 500,000+ members.

What would happen if every believer becomes a witness?

We would shake the world!
We would impact eternity!

¿Se pregunta cómo puede participar?

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Jesus’ last words on earth were very clear: “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation” (Mk. 16:15). Unfortunately, many of us have taken this statement as a suggestion rather than a command. Believe it or not, through the power of the Spirit, we are ALL called to be witnesses.

So what can YOU do to share the Gospel? All you need is a willingness to go and use your gifts as the Lord leads you. There are countless ways to do this, either on your own or with a group or church.


Throughout September, we ask every PCG pastor all around the world to mobilize and send his / her church to reach people in their community. We’re not necessarily advocating for any particular methodology in doing so; we just hope you’ll engage in this intentional effort to grow the church of Jesus Christ in a worldwide harvest.

After all, the church wasn’t intended to take place within the four walls of a building. So our prayer is that the Kingdom of God will come to earth – that what’s up there might come down here, and what’s down here might go out there.


"You will change the ecclesiastical and missional landscape of the PCG. You will impact eternity... Plans and strategies are imperative, but the greatest weapon we have is our PCG people."

-Dr. Wayman Ming Jr., General Bishop

¿Necesitas algunas ideas?
¡Tenemos recursos para ti!

Materiales Promocionales

Hemos creado un diseño promocional y una serie de gráficos de redes sociales que puede usar para promover el Mes de la Eternidad de Impacto en su esfera de influencia. Para descargar, simplemente haga clic en el enlace a continuación.
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Recursos del Ministerio

¿Te preguntas cómo puedes compartir tu fe? Hemos producido algunas enseñanzas sobre los Fundamentos del mensaje del Evangelio y una tarjeta simple que describe cómo puedes llevar a alguien a Jesús. Simplemente haga clic en el enlace para ver y descargar.
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Los cristianos de todo el mundo comparten el Evangelio a su manera, de acuerdo con sus habilidades y oportunidades únicas. El objetivo es alcanzable para todos: llegar al menos a una persona para Jesús. Este es solo un punto de partida, y cada cristiano puede participar.


COVID-19, travel restrictions, and social distancing may change the way we share the Gospel, but it should not change the fact that we are sharing the Gospel!

**Remember, you may not be able to conduct open meetings in public areas, so use your imagination. Even in small things God can be great!**

Some practical examples of how others are sharing Christ include...

  • One on one – First, be a friend. Share the story about how Jesus changed your life. Invite them to your home, a café, or another public meeting space.
  • In small groups – Meet with friends on the street, in the marketplace, or in a park.
  • Using your gifts – However God has gifted you, bless others with that gift (sewing, reading a book, a craft, telling a story).
  • Online / Digital – Text or call someone from your contact list. Just let them know you were thinking about them or offer to pray with them. Consider hosting a virtual Bible study or sharing a Bible story on social media. Try live streaming a concert from your church or even from your home.
  • If local restrictions allow, host an event in the park, street corner, or at the mall.
  • More ideas include leaving notes for your postmen. Simply let them know that you appreciate them and are praying for them. And above all, pray for your community. Now GO and “make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19)!

¿Cómo has estado compartiendo el Evangelio de Jesucristo?
¡Queremos escuchar tu Impact Eternity Encounter!

¿Por qué deberías compartir tu historia?

Tu historia es la mejor herramienta que tienes para difundir las Buenas Nuevas de Jesucristo. Es personal, es real, y es lo que más conoce: su propia experiencia con Dios.

Escribe tu historia.

Tómese un tiempo para orar y escriba las formas en que ha estado compartiendo su fe.
Pídale ayuda al Espíritu Santo. Escribirlo lo ayudará a organizar sus pensamientos y comunicarse con claridad.

¿Cuánto debe durar tu historia?

Debería poder contar su historia en 3 minutos o menos. Las buenas historias deben ser interesantes y concisas. Todas las parábolas de Jesús fueron así y nos encantaría contar historias como Jesús.

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